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Appointment Policies

In our efforts to provide quality and timely service to all clients, the following appointment and center policies are now in effect:

  • A 24-hour notification of cancellation is required for all services. A $35.00 cancellation fee is applied if not cancelled within the 24 hour window.
  • No show appointments are counted as a used session without a 12 hour advance cancellation notice.  
  • Colon hydrotherapy sessions are non transferable and are good up to one year after purchase. If you purchase a series of colonics, sessions may not be divided amongst individuals, exchanged for product or transferred to another person.
  • All product sales are final. 

We value your time and strive for a zero wait for scheduled services. To that end, out of courtesy for the next scheduled client and the practitioner, session times will be reduced in the event a client is more than 15 minutes late.

Payment Policies

Payments may be made with cash, check or credit/debit card and are to be received at the time of the scheduled appointment unless you are paying for future sessions in order to receive deeper discounts.

If any check, debit, or credit card charge payable to Mandala Colon Hydrotherapy is returned, rejected or dishonored, management will, in each instance (a) assess a charge equal to any charge imposed by the financial institution, any costs and expenses incurred in connection with collection plus an administrative fee of twenty-five dollars ($25), and (b) collect the current and past due balance in any subsequent month.

Thank you for your understanding!